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Curriculum Materials

Language Arts
Grades K-6
Grades 7-8
Grades 9-12
McGraw-Hill: ReadingWonders
Prentice-Hall: Literature
Prentice-Hall: Literature
Grades K-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12
McGraw-Hill: MyMath
Glencoe Math:
Course I, Course II, Pre Algebra
Holt McDougal:
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II
Grades K-6
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12
Harcourt School Publishers:
Science Series
Glencoe Science:
7th Red Book,
8th Green Book,
9th Blue Book
Glencoe Science:
Physical Science
Social Studies
Grades K-6
Grade 7-8
Grades 9-12
Harcourt School Publishers:
Social Studies Series
7th McDougal Littell: World Cultures & Geography
8th Holt: U.S. History - Beginnings to 1877
9th McDougal Littell: World History
10th Alaska History & Cultural Studies
Health & Fitness
Grades K-6
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12
Health & Fitness
Holt: Decisions for Health
7th Green Book
8th Red Book
9th Blue Book
Holt: Lifetime Health

Grades K-3
Grades 4-8
Grades 9-12
Seasonal Thematic Units
Listen, Speak, Read, Write
LYSD Developmental Language Process (DLP) Thematic Units - Beginners
LKSD K-3 Thematic Units - Supplement to LYSD DLP Units
Conversation & Fluency
Central Yup'ik A Course in Spoken Eskimo
Yup'ik Phrase & Conversational Lessons
Orthography & Grammar
Yup'ik Eskimo Orthography
A Practical Grammar of the Central Alaskan Yup'ik Eskimo Language
Total Physical Response
Learninig Another Language Through Actions
Instructor's Notebook How to Apply TPR for Best Results
Instructor's Notebook: TPR Homework Exercises
Favorite Games for FL-ESL Classes for All Levels and All Languages
See the Curriculum Maps in Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC) for more details at loweryukon.buildyourowncurriculum.com

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