Budget & Finance Overview

  • LYSD Business Office

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  • District Office
    PO Box 32089
    100 Airport Road
    Mountain Village, AK 99632
    Business Office Fax: 907-591-2206

    Andrew Leavitt
    Director of Budget & Finance
    Email Andrew Leavitt
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2011

    Tonia Agwiak
    Senior Accounts Clerk
    Fixed Assets, Impact Aid, receiving, supply purchase orders
    Email Tonia Agwiak
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2013
    FAX: 1-907-375-2977

    Barb Alexie
    Senior Accounts Payable Technician
    Receivables, cash receipts, deposits, locak purchases, utility billings, per diems, bank reconciliations, MOAs, contractor payments
    Email Barb Alexie
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2012
    FAX: 1-907-375-2998

    Sharon Agwiak
    Payroll Supervisor
    PERS, TRS, 403(b), 457(b), W2s, timeclock
    Email Sharon Agwiak
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2015
    FAX: 1-907-771-9794

    Karen Peterson
    Payroll Clerk
    Health Insurance, COBRA, temporary employees, union dues, garnishments, child support, unemployment, work statements, elecronic deposits, timeclock
    Email Karen Peterson 
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2016
    FAX: 1-907-771-9794

    Rita Andrews
    Accounts Payable / Travel
    Airlines, Phones, Internet
    Email Rita Andrews
    (907) 591-2411 Ext 2014

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