American Foundation for Suicide Prevention



    For our region it would be YKHC - Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation

    Director of Preventative Services

    Rose Domnick, Sophie Jenkins, Mardy Hanson and a few more of her co-workers visit YKHC region for talking circles, healing circles, suicide prevention meetings and more.

    YKHC also provides Behavioral Health Aide Councilors -- 1-800-478-3321 or www.ykhc.org/services/behavioral-health/


    Student safeTALK Trainings
    Parent & Community Informational Meetings

    I conduct the meetings once a year in each site. Students receive resource booklet, a certificate, a card and a sticker. For more information the website for the safeTALK is www.livingworks.net.

    Parents recieve Suicide Prevention information, steps to take when sad, depressed, suicidal or any of the negative emotions.